how did we arrive to this point?

By serving handmade halal products that let you enjoy those small moments

our story

Ishtar Products is a family business located in Mississauga. You can find our products in many stores across the GTA! We have a variety of mouth-watering homemade Halal appetizers, main entrées, and desserts to choose from.

Our goal has always been to bring the same amazing, authentic, homemade products to you!

When we first started rebuilding Ishtar, little by little we restored our business to become well known within our community. This is the reason why we choose the animal Aurochs at Ishtar’s gate which signifies restoration.

values we believe in

Our values below reflect the importance of connecting with family and friends. It’s about who we have in our lives that matters! Being apart of special moments through our products at birthday parties, summer barbecues or a casual dinner at home means the world to us! Explore our halal products for your next occasion!

your best friend

providing great food so that you can focus on moments that matter


is when your first bite satisfies you until your last


encouters that create authentic and raw moments


for any celebration or small moments that bring us together


is the heart where our foundation starts

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