which products are halal?

We have a wide selection of halal products to choose from

all of our products are halal!

We strive in the quality of our food as it is homemade ensuring that you’re only getting the freshest, nutritious, healthiest and most delicious Iraqi food. We offer a wide selection of Halal products. Our shawarma, kubba, kabab, burak, manakeesh along with many more products are all Halal certified. Explore our products page for delicious meals!

our process

We source all our meats from top rated Halal distributors. Everything we produce is made from simple fresh ingredients, with no preservatives  Just like that way we cook it in our homes.

where to find the halal symbol?

All of our Halal products have a symbol to clearly identify each product as halal. You will find it shown on the packaging and in the color red.

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